Diamond is the Birthstone for April!

So here's a piece of Gemwise Advice...

When is the last time you had your fine jewelry checked and cleaned?  Very important to do so.  Silver, gold and platinum are not impervious to pain.  Prongs can be bent, shanks can crack ~ all is good if you get checked and cleaned every 6 to 8 months ~ just my two cents!

Also, F. Geoffrey Ltd now has a feature of the month.  Please visit our Estate page here on the website and check out the gorgeous platinum lineblock bracelet we are featuring this month. 

Please call the store (540-345-8881) or my cell (540-580-6869) to schedule an appointment today to see our feature of the month or to arrange for a special order or custom design.  We are now located at Townside Festival , Suite 202 (enter next to Captain Party).

Happy Spring!

Geoff Jennings

       Formerly Frank L. Moose, Jeweler




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