Formerly Frank L. Moose, Jeweler

September is Sapphire Month!

  F GeoffreyLtd.



     Call today to schedule an appointment to special order a beautiful sapphire ring, bracelet, earrings or pendant!

                                      New phone number is 540-580-6869!

 The former Frank L. Moose number of 345-8881 no longer exists. This new number is my cell and I will be more attached to it!  Also I am meeting friends and patrons at the Co-Lab on Grandin Road.  I will continue my services with the same efficiency and professionalism as always. I may be the last of the Moose generation servicing retail, but I am very glad to continue to serve my clientele.

Call for an appointment to meet with me to place special orders or for consultations on repurposing jewelry and creative design.

Hope to hear from you soon!

 Happy Fall!

Geoff Jennings