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Be Gemwise this Summer!


Beware of the pool and especially the hot tub!

Chlorine and bleaches can cause damage to gold.  Both cause a chemical reaction that disintegrates the alloys in the jewelry over time.  (Nearly all gold jewelry is alloyed since pure gold is to soft on its own; i.e.14 karat gold, white or yellow, is 59.5% gold and the other 41.5% are alloys like nickel, copper and silver.) So beware of pools and cleaners containing bleach - TAKE OFF THAT JEWELRY!

Give me a call on my cell (540-587-6869) to schedule an appointment to place a special order or if you would like to custom design or repurpose some of your jewelry.

Happy summer!

Geoff Jennings

       Formerly Frank L. Moose, Jeweler